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Every employee is the precious resources wealth, the company advocates respect and encourage personal effort, advocate sincere cooperation and the principle of fair competition, motivating employee potential to the full wit, participating in management, participation in management, participate in reform, participate in innovation.

Company pays attention to human resources development and training, and to encourage the staff to study hard, and constantly expand and improve self, the company will be according to the actual needs of market operation and employee's performance, potential and accept ability to arrange the employee accept education, various trainings, further opportunities.

On the basis of trust establish a good working relationship, talent is the modern enterprise of gold resources, modern competition between enterprises and evolution of talent competition between who can attract the most outstanding talents, who can reasonable use the most outstanding talents, who can keep the most outstanding talents, who can win in the future competition advantage. Yida group in importance, concern, the development of human resources tenet: embodied in various promote and encourage excellent achievements of the individual, collective plan. Its tenet "talents reuse, small to use, have no just don't" policy, the company encourages each staff to make contributions to keep forging ahead, the company, in the final analysis, the company's success depends on its target throughout the country with wit and staff efforts to achieve.

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